Iconic SC boat washed up by Hugo now washed away by Irma

Credit: WCBD

(WCBD) – A boat that became a coastal South Carolina icon when Hurricane Hugo washed it some 2 miles onshore has been relocated in Tropical Storm Irma.

The Folly boat had sat undisturbed after it ended up on the side of state Highway 171 in 1989 in the surge from Hurricane Hugo. On Monday, it floated about a half-mile into a dock Monday in Irma’s surge, settling into the marsh.

The boat was unclaimed after Hugo, and people began painting messages on it from marriage proposals to congratulations for graduations and other milestones. There was even a brief controversy this summer as Confederate flag supporters and people against the rebel banner kept painting over the boat.

The boat was painted over the weekend with a message . “Godspeed Florida,” it read. “This too shall pass.”

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