Irma cleanup continues, hundreds of insurance claims filed

Crews in Anderson County work to clear roadways and restore power.

ANDERSON, SC (WSPA) – Downed trees are at the root of the power problems we’re seeing across the Upstate so crews in Anderson County spent the day clearing roadways and removing debris from homes. Officials said if you are dealing with property damage after this storm whether it be a hole in your house or damage to your cars, the first step is to call your insurance company. Hundreds of claims have already been filed in the Upstate for damages.

For those trees that don’t belong to you, but damaged your property; many wonder who foots the bill. Well the answer is most likely you, not the tree’s owner. Now it will depend on the other person’s coverage policy, but if the tree was alive and just knocked down by the sheer power of Mother Nature it falls to you to pay for the fix. This is why it’s so important to have insurance for these situations.

“It does $20,000 of damages not many people have 20,000 or 30,000 to pull out of their pockets so you pay your premiums whether its hail, rain, or cyclone premiums then the insurance covers it and that’s why you have it,” said Rick Bridwell, Owner of Rick Bridwell AllState Agency in Anderson.

There still is a potential for more trees to fall especially if they were around other trees that uplifted some of their roots. If you do see a downed tree you can contact the Anderson County Debris line at 864-760-1465 so they can send a crew out to clean it up.