Florida shelter pets housed in Upstate after Hurricane Irma

DUNCAN, SC (WSPA) – One hundred animals from Florida are either in the Upstate or on their way.

These are dogs and cats from shelters needing room for animals displaced by Hurricane Irma.

“The motivation is compassion,” said Tim Rickey, ASPCA VP of Field Investigations and Response. “These are individuals who drop everything when we call.”

He works with folks from all over to run the ASPCA’s emergency shelter in Duncan, which started with almost 300 animals from the South Carolina coast.

“The goal is to really get them out of the shelters, out of harms way,” said Rickey. “Also, allow those shelters to be a resource for any animals that were displaced in their communities.”

After sending most of those animals to shelters around the country to be adopted, the doors were opened Wednesday to welcome animals from Florida’s shelters that need to make room.

“We know the are thousands of displaced animals in Florida,” said Rickey.

The hours long drive from Daytona and Miami brought 75 animals.  All are being housed in a massive warehouse, doubling as a distribution center.

“To begin feeding critical supplies into these communities,” he said.

Communities needing help caring for animals after hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on the Sunshine State.

“Basically everything that you need to take care of these animals has all been washed away in these communities,” said Rickey.

Miles away in the upstate lies a mission that could have more animals heading this way.

“Help provide a safe haven for as many of these animals as we need to,” he added.

On a daily basis, the animals are fed, the cages are cleaned, and they get exercise as well either outside or in one of big pens there.

In addition to monetary donations, people can bring donations to the facility Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., located at 1875 E Main Street in Duncan. They are asking for cat and dog food, towels, blankets, and pet crates.