Investigation continues into alleged fake deputy in Greenville Co.

Greenville County, S.C. (WSPA) – Investigators want to hear from anyone who may have had contact with a man they say pretended to be a sheriff’s deputy.

Adam Smith, 28, was arrested this week outside of a 7-11 on Augusta Road in Greenville County. Investigators said he had a deputy’s uniform, a loaded pistol and was found passed out inside his vehicle.

Authorities now believe Smith carried out official duties as a law enforcement officer which is why they want to speak with anyone who dealt with him directly. They’re also advising people on what to do if they’re not sure whether the deputy or officer they encounter is real.

“If you feel suspicious for any reason, you’re more than welcome to call into dispatch and let them know you’re being stopped and verify that it’s an actual law enforcement officer and pull over in a well lit area,” said Sgt. Ryan Flood, with GCSO

Anyone who crossed paths with Smith is asked to call Crimestoppers at (864) 23-crime.