Kala Brown returns to property she was rescued from

The woman that was found chained inside a shipping container, returned to the property she was held prisoner on for more than 2 months.

The lawyer with Nelson Mullins that is the independent person in charge of Kohlhepp’s assets during the civil procedures, has taken the families of Kohlhepp’s victims to the Woodruff properties.

In November of 2016, Kala Brown was found on Kohlhepp’s land, chained. Her boyfriend Charles David Carver was found shot and buried on the property. A missing couple, Johnny and Meagan Coxie were also found shot and buried on the property. During Kohlhepp’s arrest, he also confessed to the Superbike Motorsports quadruple murder from 2003.

The families of all of Kohlhepp’s victims were allowed to tour the property where their loved ones were buried. Kala Brown also attended on Friday.

Kohlhepp is serving 7 life sentences for pleading guilty to the 7 murders, rape, and kidnapping.