Signing without reading could come back to haunt you

PIEDMONT, S.C. (WSPA) – Whatever a person’s biggest phobia may be, there’s a haunted house in town ready to spook people.

However, some people may not be sure of what they’re really signing up for because they don’t read the waivers.

There are haunted houses such as the notorious McKamey Manor in Tennessee and Alabama that makes you sign a 40 page waiver before you enter their attraction that few make it through.

While there’s nothing that intense in the Upstate, most haunted attractions in the area make people sign waivers.

At Madworld in Anderson County, staff puts disclaimers on the back of all tickets.

They also make people sign waivers before they enter the main attraction, to protect the business as well as the customers, especially since there’s about a half a mile worth of walking through the attraction.

“That’s kind of what the waiver draws out, that hey we’re here to scare you, and this is what you can expect,” said Joseph Thompson, the co-owner of Madworld Haunted Attraction.

Greenville attorney Sloan Ellis says it’s important to read any waiver.

“I know it’s frustrating, and I know people don’t want to do it…You need to know what you’re giving up, if you want to take part in one of these activities,” Ellis said.

Ellis says if something happens after you sign a waiver, it’s pretty much a case by case basis, but he says people have to be forthcoming as well about any issues they might have.

“You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you’re uncomfortable or maybe having a panic attack because there’s something you didn’t expect,” Ellis said.

Ellis says you can always ask what to expect even though that may take away some of the surprise.

However, with any haunted house, people can probably expect to be horrifically scared.

Madworld has a new attraction this year called “Phobia”.

“We’re trying to hone in on every single phobia that people may have, whether it’s clowns, spiders, chainsaws, demons, we’re going to try to hit that,” Thompson said.

Madworld does have Anderson County Deputies and EMS on site.

The haunted house opens Sept 22 and runs through the first weekend in November.