District explains ‘RAPE’ painted on chests at football game

Credit: Anderson District 5 Citizens for Quality Education/Facebook

ANDERSON Co., SC (WSPA) – Across the Southeast, many would say the best place to be on a Friday night is under the lights at the local high school. But last Friday, fans were asked to come to the Westside vs. D.W. Daniel game donning their pink in support of a breast cancer fundraiser. A group of students even painted their chests in support spelling out “Bump Cancer.”

“So then they started spelling different words out of those letters similar to scrabble or whatever,” said Tom Wilson, Anderson District 5 Superintendent.

That’s how we get to the controversial picture that was posted hundreds of times on Facebook, four high school boys spelling out the word ‘RAPE ‘saying that’s what they are doing to D.W. Daniel High School.

“It’s just shocking, just wow kids that young making fun of something that serious,” said Misty Grogan, Anderson parent.

“You don’t really understand how many people could actually be hurt by getting raped whenever they were children or older, ex boyfriends you don’t really know who you are hurting by being so insensitive,” said Chelsea Lanier, Anderson parent.

Two Anderson parents who were appalled by the actions of these students. The superintendent tells 7News they are being punished accordingly, but their intent was not hurt anyone.

“These are good kids that made one bad decision, some of them didn’t even know how to get to the principal’s office,” Wilson said.

Over at Foothills Alliance, an agency specializing in sexual trauma, they want the students to know the impact one word can cause.

“We do have to realize our words and actions can cause hurt and pain and trauma for other folks,” said Tracy Bowie, the Executive Director at Foothills Alliance.

She hopes this situation will show the need for more education.

“Schools allowing us to come in and provide that education to the students and provide the programs that talk about these kinds of things,” Bowie said.

The superintendent said the students are not being expelled, but what their punishment is will stay between the school and the parents.