Testimony begins in Marcus Todd murder trial

Jermaine West
Jermaine West

SPARTANBURG COUNTY, SC (WSPA) – An Upstate family is still looking for answers after Jermaine West was shot and his body never found.

Marcus Todd is on trial for murder and other charges. Todd is accused of shooting and kidnapping Jermaine West in Woodruff last year.

Jury selection ended around 11 a.m. Tuesday with 7 women and 5 men being seated.

“All I just want to do is bring my son home,” said West’s mother Eva Thompson. “It’s been really, really rough.”

Loved ones have been searching for West since he was last seen alive in May 2016.

“Swamps, anywhere we can think of,” said Thompson. “We still will continue searching for Jermaine. I just need closure.”

Investigators say Todd shot West several times before throwing him into his car and driving off. West still hasn’t been found alive or dead.

In testimony today, a cousin and an aunt of Jermaine West told the court they saw Todd shoot him and then throw west into the back of a vehicle.

His cousin Dericka Jones tried to call police but ended up accidentally recording video on her cell phone while the ordeal was taking place outside of her mother’s home.

She says her mother was actually attacking Todd to try to get him to turn her nephew loose and Todd pointed the gun at her mother.

The disturbing video was played in court and Jones walked solicitors and jurors through what they were seeing.

Jones, her mother and her sister all testified that they searched Woodruff for Jermaine West’s body which again was never found.

The former Woodruff police chief also took the stand and said he does not believe West is still alive.

Todd eventually turned himself in to Woodruff Police and will have a jury trial for attempted murder and kidnapping charges, along with aggravated assault and battery, and weapons charges.

“I want justice for my son,” said Thompson.

She was emotional when recalling moments from inside the courtroom Monday.

“Like he [Todd] did nothing, doesn’t have any remorse,” said Thompson of Todd’s demeanor in her opinion. “It’s hard.”

Several loved ones were there, including West’s fiancé Meredith Dale, who says she named West’s 8-month-old daughter ‘Jermayne’ in his honor.

“Just give us some closure,” she said. “Give a place for Jermaine’s kids to go and visit him.”

The family says they’ll be there every step of the way.

“We love Jermaine. Jermaine was a loved guy,” said Stepfather Michael Thompson. “Maybe people looking at us seeing our tragedy that we’re dealing with today, maybe it won’t happen to their community and their family member.”