High-speed chase after stabbing in Campobello

Taylor Belanger
Taylor Belanger

CAMPOBELLO, SC (WSPA) – What started as a fight outside a home turned into a high-speed chase, and then a bloody scene inside a gas station, according to Spartanburg Co. Deputies.

It happened on 9/16 around 2 a.m.

The report says a man was at a home with family members on the 300 block of Baywood Dr. when Taylor Belanger, 20, and another woman arrived intending to fight the victim.

Belanger attacked the man with a knife outside the home, according to witnesses.

The man’s family saw the attack, grabbed the victim and took off in a vehicle.

Belanger and the woman chased the victim and his family and tried to run them off the road, according to the report.

The family and victim pulled into a Circle K on Asheville Highway to call the police.

The report says the victim was bleeding heavily on the floor of the gas station.

The deputy saw slashes and stab wounds on the victim’s chest, sides, arms, and back, according to the report.

The deputy said the victim wasn’t able to calmly speak because of him being in shock.

He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The family told deputies that Belanger ran to the Waffle Hose that is to the right of the Circle K.

The victim’s father told the deputy he saw Belanger pull out a knife and start swinging it at his son.

He said his son fought Balenger with his fists during the fight and didn’t have a weapon.

Taylor Craig Belanger is charged with Assault & Battery Aggravated, Possession of a Weapon During the Commission of a Violent Crime and Reckless Driving.