Baby found dead in Fountain Inn apt. was dead nearly a year

Dead baby found at fountain inn apt

FOUNTAIN INN, SC (WSPA) – Autopsy results show that a baby found dead during an eviction in Fountain Inn had died nearly a year ago.

Laurens County Coroner Nick Nichols said the autopsy showed the remains were at least 38 weeks gestational age. The decomposition is consistent with 10 to 11 months since death.

Due to the decomposition, they can’t determine the cause and manner of death, or the baby’s sex. They also don’t know if the baby was born alive or stillborn.

The remains were found Monday at the Fountain Hills Apartments on Chapman Road while Laurens County deputies were serving eviction papers.

The baby was found inside a sealed container inside another sealed container in a bedroom in the third-floor apartment of a female resident, according to Fountain Inn Police Chief Keith Morton.

“It’s tragic all around,” Chief Morton said.

Morton says they are making counseling available to officers investigating the case.

No charges have been filed at this time.

“The landlord was coming down and she was just crying,” said Bianca Jackson, a resident at the complex, “I’m like, ‘Miss Reina, what’s wrong?’ And she was like ‘Bianca, there’s a dead baby up there.”

“You could actually smell it coming down once they lifted the tops open,” Jackson said.

Fountain Inn Police Department are investigating the infant’s death, along with the S.C. Law Enforcement Division.

“It’s very sad and very difficult for officers and investigators to have to go in and do their job and determine what took place,” said Fountain Inn Police Capt. Michael Hamilton.

Laurens County Coroner Nick Nichols also expressed sadness.

“It hurts real deep to see this child under this type of situation,” Nichols said.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.