Body of missing boater recovered from Lake Hartwell

ANDERSON, S.C. (AP) – A dive team from Wisconsin has recovered a body in their second day of searching for a man missing since July.

The body is Kip Burrell, according to Anderson Co. Sheriff’s Office.

Burrell and his wife were thrown from their boat during a storm on July 15.

A passing boater helped rescue the woman from the water, but her husband, Kip, was not found.

The sheriff’s office along with 25 other agencies spent 13 days looking for Burrell before suspending operations.

A special diving group Bruce’s Legacy from Black River Falls, Wisconsin found Burrell in 100 feet of water.

He was found in the northern section of the area where rescue personnel had previously searched.

They used high-tech sonar and a remotely-operated submersible vehicle to find Burrell’s body, that were not previously available to the sheriff’s office.

Keith Cormican with Bruce’s Legacy says it is a very tough search because there is a forest under the water.

They are using sonar to help with the search.