Clemson students plan to help Dominica after Hurricane Maria

Clemson students working on service projects in Dominica in 2016. (Source: Clemson University)

CLEMSON, SC (WSPA) – The devastating pictures and videos keep coming in from the Caribbean after Hurricane Maria hit the islands.

Clemson University is planning to go to one of those countries next month to help with clean-up.

Clemson has ties to Dominica through a community service program. The program is called Engage Dominica. The students have gone to Dominica in the past to help after Tropical Storm Erica in 2015. They’ve helped with transportation infrastructure, and like water sanitation projects.

A group of students is supposed to go down next month. After Hurricane Maria, they’re waiting to hear if their colleagues, are safe.

Jennifer Ogle, an Associate Professor of civil engineering and faculty member with Engage Dominica, said the hardest thin is not being able to get in contact with anyone on the island.

“I’m very concerned, very concerned that all the great people that we’ve met that many things could have happened to them,” Ogle said.

The group also plans to host a fundraiser to collect things like tarps, bedding and toiletries to bring on their trip next month.