Clemson studies downtown area for improvement

Clemson asks communities help for downtown study.

CLEMSON, SC (WSPA) – Tigertown is looking to make some improvements to their downtown area. The city of Clemson is using a design firm to study things like parking, pedestrian safety and green space on College Avenue.

The study will look at the area between Highways 93 and 123. But it will also factor in the public’s opinion, several residents want more upscale restaurants with wider sidewalks to bring the business outside.

“I look at downtown Greenville and there’s people, families, dogs. Everyone is out morning to night and I just think that’s a really welcoming vibe for a city to have life outside not just inside the shops and businesses,” said Blair Bolen, Clemson resident.
The study will also look at taking away on-street parking and adding a parking deck. That option is met by mixed opinions from residents and business owners.