Mascots twist away childhood cancer on National Twist Day

(NEWS RELEASE) – Mascots for a Cure (MFAC) is gearing up for a huge celebration on National Twist Day – Thursday, September 21st! More than 50 hospitals throughout the U.S., including GHS Children’s Hospital, will take part in this special day created by MFAC Founder & CEO Derek Zinser and entertainer Chubby Checker.

Zinser has recruited lovable mascots from professional and collegiate teams, as well as businesses across the country to visit as many children’s hospitals on the same exact day to bring hope, joy and love to thousands of children and their families battling this horrible disease.

“This is going to be such an amazing and impactful day,” exclaimed Zinser. “It is something that has never been done before — to coordinate simultaneous mascot hospital visits all on the same day, for the same cause! Using the power of mascots, we are creating positive memories for thousands of brave and sick children across the nation.”

At each hospital visit, mascots will entertain the children and dance “The Twist” for 36 seconds, which represents the number of precious children who are diagnosed with cancer each and every day in the U.S., said Zinser. Chubby Checker, the iconic singer/performer, is MFAC’s official International Celebrity Spokesperson. “We’d love for everyone to take the Chubby Checker Twist Challenge, post the video on social media and tag others to do the same on September 21st. Use the hashtags: #NationalTwistDay #ChubbyCheckerTwistChallenge #MFAC. “It is a fun and easy way to help raise both funds and awareness for childhood cancer,” explained Zinser.

Mascots for a Cure is a non-profit organization based in Portland, OR that has a national reach. Donations to MFAC go to a myriad of support services for children and families, including providing unique experiences, taking them to their favorite sporting event, organizing hospital visits, helping to pay some of their expenses as a result of their battle and staying in touch with the child and their family throughout the year in a variety of ways.

MFAC was founded in 2014 by Zinser, who has been personally touched by cancer; his father died of the disease in 2009. “My passion for mascots came from seeing their power in bringing smiles and joy to children of all ages. We believe that together, we can help fight childhood cancer, one mascot at a time!”

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