Anderson Co. residents concerned over proposed cell tower

Residents upset over proposed cell tower in Anderson County.

ANDERSON Co., SC (WSPA) – One Anderson County community may be a getting a new neighbor as Verizon tried to build a new cell tower. But residents of Aberdeen Subdivision said they are concerned the tower will hurt property values and their ability to sell their homes.

So they’re asking county council to take a stand. The area is zoned residential which means a tower cannot be built. But council made an exception to allow the church to build over a year ago on the property so the church can lease their land to a cellular company.

 “This exception granted certainly opens up other exceptions moving forward. This isn’t the only place in Anderson County where an exception could occur in a residential zoned area,” said Derrick DeFino who lives in Aberdeen Subdivision.
 Verizon has until mid-November to present their facts on the issue to county council before a decision is made. They will conduct a study on the economic impact and use virtual technology to show how the tower will look.