Prayer vigil held for Las Vegas shooting victims in downtown Greenville

GREENVILLE, SC – A single balloon was released into the sky Monday night, honoring victims of the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

A dozen or so people gathered at One City Plaza for a small vigil.

Candles circled those who took the microphone to speak and sing words of prayer.

“It wasn’t disbelief… It used to be disbelief. And I was really sad about that,” said Deanna Hudgens, a Pastor at The Equipping Center, a church in Greenville. “It’s become that we’re almost desensitized. But I think individually we can resist that.”

People of all ages locked hands in prayer and spoke of unity.

“I would just like everyone to come together,” said Colby Thompson, 11, of Greenville. “Families, pets…  everybody. I just want peace.”

Thompson came with his father, Andre Gregory, known in the Greenville community for his role as President of the local Black Lives Matter chapter.

“Let’s come together and bring unity and support the families in Las Vegas, and even the shooters family,” said Gregory.

Community activist Jack Logan, founder of Put Down the Guns Now Young People, organized Monday night’s vigil.

He told 7 News he would like to see security for public events increase, with the hope that it would prevent mass shootings from happening in the future.

“We need to screen bags,” Logan said. “We do it in airports, we need to do it going into hotels. I don’t care if we do it to someone walking up and down the street.”

“I wish peace would just go into the world,” said Thompson.