Upstate sheriff upset over repeat offender arrests

Marcus Littlejohn (Source: Union Co. Detention Center)

(WSPA) — An Upstate sheriff is calling for change after recent arrests of a repeat offender.

Marcus Littlejohn was sentenced to serve seven years in prison for distribution of cocaine in 2014.

After serving two years, Littlejohn was released on parole. Just six months later, he was arrested again on drug charges in January 2017.

Littlejohn was released on bond and arrested yet again in June when deputies say they found marijuana on him. Two officers were injured and taken to the hospital during this arrest. But the sheriff feels this could have been avoided if Littlejohn’s parole had been revoked.

The S.C. Department of Probation, Parole, and Pardon services states that Littlejohn was drug tested following these arrests, but that the results are confidential. PPP usually treats a positive drug test during parole with counseling or rehab, not revocation of parole all together. PPP also states that parole is not usually revoked for an arrest, that the subject must be proven guilty

In September, Littlejohn was sentenced to 8 years in prison for his two arrests in 2017.

PPP says that Littlejohn will now have a parole revocation hearing that may increase his sentence.