Help with Homeowner Associations

Homeowner Associations set community standards for neighborhoods.
Homeowner Associations set community standards for neighborhoods.

Spartanburg, SC  (WSPA)

Homeowner Associations are apart of most communities. They are run by those who live in the neighborhood and often set the community standards for homeowners.
Mark Yerkes is concerned about his association and says, ” I don’t agree with the way they’re running things if that’s the way they say things are I don’t think I want to be involved.”
Despite collecting dues to benefit the community, Mark says he hasn’t seen any proof of how his money is being used. He’s upset about the lack of input the board is getting from those who are impacted the most. Mark says, ” they don’t enforce the covenants, when I ask for financials they’re like we don’t have any, the only way I could get a board meeting was to withhold my dues.”
Derek Greene is President and CEO of Community Association Management, they manage HOA’s for communities in North and South Carolina. He’s not connected with Mark’s association, but offers advice.
He says there are no specific state laws governing Homeowner Associations, instead, homeowners have to ban together and demand answers.
Greene says, “the next recourse for the homeowner is to reach out to an attorney who specializes in homeowners associations.”

To get a copy of covenants, bylaws and restrictions for your neighborhood HOA:

  1. Go to the county you live in (ie: Spartanburg
  2. Click on “How Do I….”
  3. Click on “Register of Deeds Records Search”
  4. “Accept” Disclaimer
  5. In the “Last or Company name section – Type the Subdivision name