Las Vegas shooting leaves many with unanswered questions

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WSPA)– The attack in Vegas has several organizations across the country looking for answers and hoping for change, including Moms Demand Action. The group is planning to spread its message by hitting the statehouse steps this weekend.

One Columbia resident says the shooting has him on edge. “I don’t really feel safe anymore. you can go to one place, you can go it can be a game, it can be a concert, you can be in your house,” said Jorge Rivas.

Moms Demand Action was started after the Sandy Hook Massacre. In just 5 years, the group has gained more than 4 million members across the United States with the same concerns.

Sylvie Dessau, a member of the group, said “Everyday 93 people are shot, 93 people die by being shot either by someone else’s hand or their own hand. it’s not like that in any other similar something has to be done.”

Members say the first step is getting tougher gun laws and continuing the conversation at both local and state levels. Dessau cites the background loophole as one of her main concerns. “If I want to buy a gun from my neighbor, if I want to buy a gun by answering an ad on Craigslist and the seller is an individual here in South Carolina I don’t have to pass a background check.”

Others are more worried about the number of guns a person can have. Rivas said, “I’m not a gun owner, my family do own guns. i don’t wan to be one side or the other but if there were some regulations or restrictions to having to own that many guns at once, i would be for that.”

Moms Demand Action along with the Faith Coalition on Gun Violence and Organizing for Action will hold an event at the South Carolina Statehouse on Saturday. The vigil is to remember the victims of the Las Vegas shooting as well as the others who die from gun violence every day.

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