Greenville PD increases security for Fall For Greenville weekend

GREENVILLE, SC – With Fall For Greenville kicking off Thursday night and running through the weekend, the Greenville Police Department is increasing security measures.

According to the Department’s Public Information Officer, Johnathan Bragg, it’s considered a mandatory work day for all officers.

They will be rotating shifts for 24/7 security.

“We’re going to have a lot of focus on downtown with all the people there,” said Bragg.     “It’ll be hard to go a block without seeing a police officer, just because we have them literally on every block.

Roughly 150,000 people are expected to attend over the weekend, hailing from 23 different States.

“It’s really becoming that across the U.S., people are coming to Greenville,” said Tara Eaker, the city’s Event Administrator.

With the massive influx in festival-goers, the Greenville Police Department told 7 News on Thursday that people should be patient when it comes to traffic, and try not to bring bags to the downtown area unless necessary.

Greenville City Hall is often a good meet-up place for people in case someone gets lost, according to Bragg.

Every year people get separated from their families and friends.

Bragg added that lost and found items are brought to City Hall as well.

“Everyone helps each other out; everyone looks out for each other,” said Ariel Greenwald, a mother from Taylors. “They say it takes a village, well, this is our village.”

“There are a lot of things we just can’t prevent, and we can’t live our lives in fear,” added Devin Smith, a concert-goer from Burlington, North Carolina.