More movies coming to SC means more money in the state’s economy

COLUMBIA, S.C (WSPA)- What do movies like The Strangers, The Notebook and Die Hard With A Vengeance have in common? They were all filmed in South Carolina. In fact, the SC Film Commission received 3 scripts this week for companies interested in filming in the state.

Before a movie production makes it to your city there’s a vetting process. It starts with a script. The project manager of the film commission, Dan Rogers, explained the legwork of production.

“I’ll read it. I’ll do a visual location a recap of what is that key location that they need to make this happen at the same time they’re asking us about what is your crew base how many people in your crew bass are local and how expensive it’s going to be,” said Rogers.

The costs are determined by how much the company would have to pay for each crew member. The more local crew members the less the company has to spend on lodging. A company’s decision on filming location also depends on incentives offered by the state.

Dan Rogers says companies are given a cash rebate. “If you can spend more than 1 million dollars the state will give you a portion of what you spend back, so 25% on your labor and 30% on your supplies.”

The state allocates $15 million of the general fund for the film commission to use to recruit the film industry. It helps put everyday citizens behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

Mark Cooper, the director of film and media studies at the University of South Carolina talked about the advantages for students. “Having in state productions both gives students lots of entry points they wouldn’t have and also gives them opportunities to study the way these industries work up close at hand.”

Location helps attract the film industry too. For example, the war scenes in Forrest Gump were filmed on Hunting Island.