NC SBI: We’re aware of Sheriff Lewis rape allegations

Greenville Co. Sheriff Will Lewis
Greenville Co. Sheriff Will Lewis

SLED is currently investigating sexual assault and harassment allegations against Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis by a former employee.

Savanah Nabors filed a lawsuit on Monday, detailing the allegations against Lewis.

The lawsuit claims Nabors, Sheriff Lewis, Greenville County Administrator Joe Kernell and several other employees went to Charlotte the weekend of March 7th, to discuss the budget.

The lawsuit states that they stayed in the Hyatt Place Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In the lawsuit, Nabors claims that she began to slip in and out of consciousness after taking a drink of alcohol that Lewis’ provided her in her hotel room. The lawsuit states that Nabors remembers regaining consciousness to find Lewis on top of her, having sex with her.

To read the full lawsuit, click here: Savanah Nabors Lawsuit

Because this allegation derives out of Charlotte, North Carolina, SLED would not be able to investigate the claim, as it is outside of their jurisdiction.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department tells 7 News that they have no records of police reports regarding either Savanah Nabors or Will Lewis regarding the alleged rape.

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations says they are aware of the allegations of rape, but have not been formally asked to investigate at this time.

SLED or another South Carolina agency would have to request the SBI’s assistance.