VIDEO: Substitute teacher duct tapes ‘noisy’ 5th graders

Credit: KRON

KILLEEN, Tex. (KRON) — A substitute teacher in Texas is out of a job after using a controversial punishment on noisy kids.

School administrators in Killeen say the teacher covered students’ mouths with duct tape, prompting an investigation.

“She had an idea where some kids would line up in a line and she would duct tape their mouths,”  5th grade student Andy Hernandez said.

A substitute teacher, who Andy called Ms. Joshua, thought the classroom was getting too loud this morning.

So, officials say she put duct tape on the mouths of ten students and instructed three more students to tape their own mouths shut.

Andy and three of his classmates were the only ones spared.

“The thing is our table wasn’t talking so we didn’t get our mouth duct taped,” Andy said.

Here is part of a statement released by school officials:

“The substitute teacher was immediately removed from the classroom and barred from the campus as a result of this outrageous and unconscionable behavior.

The school leadership notified child protective services of the event, and we will work closely in support of any additional investigation by law enforcement as needed.”

Andy says the school nurse tended to kids whose mouths were taped.

“Later their mouths were hurting so they all had to go to the clinic to get ice packs,” he said.

School leaders also tried to make sure the whole class was okay.

“The principal came in out room and apologized for all the things and said that she is not going to teach anymore,” Andy said.

The parents of all the children whose mouths were taped got a personal call from the school’s principal.

Child protective services was notified, as well.

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