Texas students in trouble over racially-charged Snapchat post

Credit: WFLA

HOUSTON (WFLA) — At least five students in Texas are in trouble following a post on Snapchat that has some parents concerned.

The picture shows three students on the back of a pickup truck. One of them is holding a Trump flag, another is holding a Confederate flag.

Someone later added a caption to the photo on Snapchat that reads, “All my brothers n sisters of African descent. Now is the day to prove yourself. Let these Twitter fingers turn to trigger fingers.”

It’s unclear who added the caption.

The mother of the 17-year-old seen in the picture holding the Trump flag says the facts have been twisted.

“These were not our son’s words, nor were our son’s intent for anything to said like this,” she said. “Our family doesn’t stand for this. This is not who we are.”

She says her son, the other teens and all their families have received death threats since the post. She also said if anyone knew them, they’d know they are not racist.

“My youngest son is Hispanic or partially Hispanic,” she said. “So our sons, older sons, do not judge. We are a biracial family so we are not one to judge anybody else.”

Lamar Consolidated Independent School District says the three students seen in the picture and two others are now facing disciplinary action because of the demonstration and the post.

Police have also increased their presence at the school as a precaution.

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