Spartanburg police release new details in Duncan Park assault case

Tyiesha Mullins has been charged with filing a false police report after police say she lied about an assault at Duncan Park

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – A Spartanburg woman is facing charges after police say she filed a false report about a sexual assault.

Spartanburg Police say last month Tyiesha Mullins told officers she has been assaulted at Duncan Park. Police say she later admitted to lying about the report.

The community was on edge for weeks after a Mullins told officers says she was assaulted at Duncan Park.

Lt. Doug Harwell with the Spartanburg Police Department says that case took a top priority in the department.

“We put that investigation at the front of a lot of investigations,” he says.

Spartanburg Police worked around the clock trying to find three men Mullins says attacked her. On October 20th, police closed the investigation, and Mullins was behind bars.

Lt. Harwell says the evidence simply wasn’t there.

“We were having a lot of trouble getting any type of substance on the end of forensic evidence that was submitted,” he says.

Lt. Harwell says even after detailed sketches were released nobody came forward with information.

“We did not get an awful lot of tips, especially once we increased the reward amount,” he says.

Lynn Hawkins, the executive director at SafeHomes Rape Crisis, says in situations like this where an alleged victim is lying to officers, it makes it harder for other victims to come forward.

“If [victims] see somebody’s been charged with a crime for reporting a sexual assault, whether it was true or not, that’s going to make a victim look at it and go ‘They’re not going to believe me, I’m just not going to go forward.”

Lt. Harwell wants victims to know their doors are always open to report an assault.

Lt. Harwell says after Mullins was arrested she did show remorse for lying to officers. Mullins has been released on bond from the detention center.