Toppled trees damage homes, block roads in Spartanburg

Croydon Road

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – Families on Spartanburg’s Westside spent the night without power after Monday’s storms.

Trees brought down power lines, and left neighborhoods blocked off to the outside.

“My neighbor called me and told me that it had hit over here,” said Daniel McKinney.

When Daniel McKinney got home to his west Spartanburg neighborhood, OFF W.O. Ezell Boulevard, the damage was evident.

“Tree fell across the back of my house, tree on my neighbor’s car,” said McKinney. “My neighbor’s house over here, it knocked four five holes in her roof, knocked her whole deck off the back of her house.”

Severe weather snapped power poles in half leaving their lines streaming across Stribling Circle and Gillingham Road.

About a street over on Vanderbilt Road, a huge tree blocked that road too forcing people to find another way home.

People worked to clear a tree on Croydon road, which is a street over from Bedford Road where parts of a tree fell on a roof.

“A whole lot of wind a whole lot of ruckus,” Said Franck Adou who lives at Magnolia Townhomes off East Blackstock Road. Trees broke and debris littered the complex. “Kinda scary, kinda horrendous in a way but everybody was safe so that was the number one thing.”

It was first time experience for many people who are now looking forward to putting it behind them.

“Just clean up and try and patch the house up and carry on,” said McKinney.

A tree uprooted and fell onto a house at Hayne Street and Saxon Heights.

Over on Smythe Street near Story Street a huge tree fell over.

In that same area some people will have to find new transportation after trees crashed onto cars as storms ripped through that community.