Amended lawsuit filed against Sheriff Will Lewis

Greenville Co. Sheriff Will Lewis
Greenville Co. Sheriff Will Lewis

An amended complaint has been filed against Sheriff Will Lewis, claiming sexual assault and harassment.

Savanah Nabors, a former assistant to Lewis, filed the suit on the 16th, a month and a half after she first posted the allegations on a family blog.

The amended lawsuit includes photos of Lewis and Nabors and locations Nabors refers to in the lawsuit.  The lawsuit also includes several audio recordings, to which now include dates to when they allegedly were recorded.

The biggest difference between the lawsuits, is the forward, to which emphasizes Nabors’ feelings for the lawsuit.

The lawsuit says the following:

“During one of the last conversations the Plaintiff had with Defendant Sheriff Will Lewis (“the Sheriff”) before she was terminated from her job, which occurred after the Plaintiff had made it clear to the Sheriff that she did not want to have a relationship with him beyond a professional one, the Sheriff explained to the Plaintiff that “I mean, ultimately, when you work for the Sheriff’s Office, you work at the pleasure of the sheriff . . . . You work at the pleasure of the sheriff. I mean, that’s just it. Period . . . “ Instead of bottling up the pain and continuing to allow the Sheriff to victimize her as a condition of keeping her job, the Plaintiff decided that her dignity and self-respect meant too much to her, and that she was not going to take the abuse and harassment any more. She was compelled to stand up for herself and for any other women in her position. The Plaintiff was willing to take on this fight, despite the knowledge that the Defendants would predictably attempt to attack he rcredibility by painting her as promiscuous and otherwise undeserving of the right to say “no” to unwelcome sexual advances. This lawsuit is a crucial part of the Plaintiff’s effort to stand up to her attacker and the others responsible for her injuries and damages described below.”

To read the amended complaint, click here: amended savanah nabors lawsuit

To read the original lawsuit, click here: Savanah Nabors Lawsuit

Lewis held a press conference last Thursday, confirming the relationship with Nabors, but called it consensual. Lewis denied all criminal wrongdoing.

Tonight Greenville County Council unanimously passed a resolution asking for Lewis to resign after his admission.

Lewis released the following statement:

“As previously stated, I remain committed to handling this matter in the proper forum and in the proper manner as required by law. Therefore, I will make no further comments on this matter until the final resolution of the SLED investigation.”