Cherokee Co. School Severe Weather Plan

Severe weather affected most school districts across the Upstate on Monday
Severe weather affected most school districts across the Upstate on Monday

Cherokee County, SC (WSPA)

Tonight recovery continues after four tornadoes struck our area. In Spartanburg County, Cherokee County and Rutherford County. Many buildings were destroyed and even more were damaged. The twisters even caused a death in Cherokee County. Air 7 flew over the damaged area.
It was a scary day for everyone involved, not the least for parents who’s kids were still in school when the tornadoes hit.
When emergencies hit, time is of the essence and knowing what to do to keep your kids safe is important for parents and school officials.
Aaron Wilburn says the storm affected his kids, he said, “the kids were a little shaky and once they were told we’ll get it all fix, they were alright.”
Aaron’s children were at school when a tornado touched down in Cherokee County Monday afternoon. The effects of the storm still visible on his home, his neighbor not so lucky.
Aaron says, “it’s amazing what a tornado can do”
This week, severe weather hit the Carolina’s, as many schools let out for the day. Joe Walker is the Chief Operations Officer for Administrative Services for Cherokee County Schools.
Joe Walker says with Cherokee County’s emergency plan in place, it keeps information flowing and all parties involved. Joe says, “we also use our power school alert which is through our data base, which can go out to parents, students and others to make sure we alert people.”
Part of that plan allows parents to come in with students for safety other visitors are sent to the administrative office away from children.
There’s also a plan for students who are already on the way home.
Joe says, “parents need to know that we will take buses to a close school, we will empty that bus of the driver and make them safe and the students inside the building. we’ll make sure they’re ducked and covered from glass.”
Aaron says, “that’s the first thing i thought of that’s a good place to be, a school, the way schools are built around here.”
Severe weather affected most school districts across the Upstate on Monday other school districts we spoke to and say they have a safety plan in place to keep parents, teachers and administrators connected and informed.