Volunteers team up to help storm victims in Spartanburg

25 trained volunteers with The United Methodist Church Early Response Team dropped what they were doing to pick up hard hats and chainsaws Tuesday.

Their mission was to help Spartanburg County homeowners clear storm debris.

“It’s amazing the people that will take off work and take off whatever their busy schedule is and get involved and help at a moments notice,” said Billy Robinson, the team’s State Coordinator.

Trey Hendon’s house was hit by several trees during the storm.

“My wife, my daughter, my 3 year old daughter and I were huddled in the basement just praying and singing just waiting for it to go over. Took about 60 seconds, the house creaked and groaned and thudded and crashed and smashed, all these sounds that were just terrifying,” he said.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, but the house was damaged and the road leading to the house off W.O. Ezell Blvd in Spartanburg had a massive downed tree on it.

“I am so grateful. I mean, I could not have been able to afford or do this on our own… The size of these trees, they’re massive, It’s amazing,” said Hendon.

With 6 chainsaws, one skid steer and a lot of sweat equity, the crew managed to remove the road block and the trees around Hendon’s home before moving on to help another homeowner.  But these volunteers say they’re the ones who feel rewarded by all this hard work.

“I just like helping people, I just really enjoy helping people in whatever way I can,” said Elaine Turner from Greenwood.

Many of them just got back from Florida helping storm victims down there.

“A lot of people ask us why you do it.  One person asked ‘you all drove 600 miles down here. You sleep on the floor of a church, you don’t have any showers or anything, you don’t have any showers or anything, you’ve got to drive across town to take showers,’ and uh, now I’m going to get emotional. ‘Why do you do it?’ And it’s just because we love them,” said Phil Griswold.