Clean out your medicine cabinets; National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WSPA)– Agencies across the state are encouraging you to empty out your medicine cabinet and turned in on those unused prescriptions. Saturday is the Drug Enforcement Agency’s National Prescription Drug Take Back Day.

We’re probably all guilty of leaving medicines in our cabinets. And even though it’s a prescription it getting in the wrong hands could cause a lot of harm. The manager of Palmetto Health’s Adolescent Recovery Center says a lot the clients he sees were initiated to drug addiction through prescription medications.

“A lot of times they may throw several medications together not knowing what happens when you mix those two and next thing you know instead of adding to the effect what they’re doing is multiplying the effects…so you can go from I’m just trying to have fun and get high and go very quickly to a dangerous overdose situation,” said Bryan Fox.

Pharmacists say the opioid problem is growing because the opportunity is there and getting the prescriptions is easy. Amanda Guffey, a clinical pharmacist at Providence Health, said “It’s just really one of those things that you might just keep it around for one of those days. and really that’s dangerous ..because if it’s accessible there’s a risk there, because someone who shouldn’t have will get a hold of it whether intentional or accidental.”

The Drug Enforcement Agency has been holding drug take back days since 2010.

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