Man assaulted after scaring trick-or-treaters in Boiling Springs

BOILING SPRINGS, SC (WSPA) – A man said he was assaulted by another man in a pickup truck for scaring trick-or-treaters, according to a report from the Spartanburg Co. Sheriff’s Office.

It happened in the 400 block of Wedgewood Dr. in Boiling Springs.

The man said he was scaring kids when they came to the door to trick-or-treat.

He said he chased a group that he interacted with twice to try to scare them.

The kids ran off and a short time later, a man in a white Ford F-150 stopped in front of his home.

He said the man approached him and started yelling that he had kicked his son.

The victim denied making physical contact with the kids.

The man then tried to hit him 3 times and finally made contact with the victim’s shoulder, according to the report.

The man then said he was going to his truck to get a gun.

The victim then called police.

Deputies said the victim declined to provide a written statement.

The investigation was closed because the victim couldn’t positively ID the suspect and insufficient probable cause to seek a warrant, according to the report.