Spicy food could help your heart, study shows

(WFLA) —  If you’re a fan of shaking hot sauce onto any meal, your heart may thank you!

Spicy foods can be used to add some oomph to your meals, but they may also give your health a boost.

According to a new study, people who like spicy foods are eating half a teaspoon of salt less than those who don’t like the sizzling taste on their tongue.

China’s Third Military Medical University also found a spicy food lover’s blood pressure was lower than their peers.

Researchers who studied the brain’s response to both salt and spice found our minds perceive the two tastes similarly. Meaning, spicy foods can trick your brain into thinking your food is saltier than it actually is.

So, adding more spice to your diet may help you stay away from the salty snacks that plague us all.

Don’t forget to talk to your doctor about incorporating spicy foods into your diet, if you’re unsure.

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