Grades determine lunch seating, perks at Florida school

School Lunch

TAMPA, Fla. (WSPA) – For most students, where you sit at lunch is a big issue.

News channel FOX 13 reports a Florida high school launched a program earlier this year that segregates students during lunch based on their grades.

School officials at Pasco County High School in Tampa say the lunch room is too crowded, so students go to lunch based on grades and school attendance.

Students who aren’t failing any classes and have a 2.0 grade point average with good attendance get a wristband that allows them to each lunch outside. They also attend sporting events for free, the station reports.

School officials say the program is intended to motivate students to improve, but some parents and students aren’t happy about it.

Students told the news station that those who don’t meet the criteria must stay in the crowded cafeteria during the entire lunch period, prompting some to recently protest by walking out during lunch.