Spartanburg utility boxes transformed into murals

Utility boxes around Spartanburg have been transformed into murals inspired each of the county's colleges and universities.

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – If you’re in Spartanburg, you may notice some new art projects popping up in downtown.

The project is turning utility boxes into murals.

The Chapman Cultural Center and the College Town Consortium worked together to give the utility boxes a make-over inspired by Spartanburg colleges and universities.

“We’re home to seven colleges and universities, but if you travel through our downtown, that’s not always something that you’ll see or recognize,” says Naomi Sargent, the director of College Town Consortium.

Sam Veremchuk, the outreach administrator with the Chapman Cultural Center, worked with a team to find out what they wanted on the boxes.

“There’s squirrels on the Wofford Box because there’s a lot of squirrels at Wofford,” he says. “The Converse box has strawberries and cream because that was the favorite dessert of the first president or the founder.”

The murals are the latest art pieces created to help create a more aesthetically pleasing downtown.

The Chapman Cultural Center and the College Town Consortium hope to create more projects highlighting Spartanburg schools.