Mom accused of displaying gun at school after argument

Tenisha Diane Kallenbach

(WSPA) – A mother of a student was arrested after displaying a gun after an argument at Concrete Primary School, according to the Anderson Co. Sheriff Office.

Tenisha D. Kallenback, 31, told a deputy she got into an argument after a small collision on Siloam Rd. and Powersville-Main.

She said she drove into the bus circle behind the school where a lot of morning traffic flows in.

She told the deputy that she and another woman argued about the crash and neither of them wanted to wait on the Highway Patrol to report the accident.

The argument got heated and school officials asked them to clear the area and park in the median, according to the report.

The report says they parked and the arguing continued.

The woman said she pulled a gun out of her console but did not point it at anyone.

The deputy asked her why she pulled out the gun and she said that she sometimes has a bad temper, according to the report.

The deputy determined that she brandished the gun in view of others on school property after talking to other witnesses.

Kallenbach was arrested and charged with displaying firearms in public building or adjacent areas, according to the warrant.

The report says two loaded firearms were seized from her vehicle.