How new penny sales tax will be spent in Spartanburg Co.

Spartanburg County Courthouse (WSPA)

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – There’s power at the polls and Spartanburg County voters passing the one cent sales tax shows just that.

In all, the tax is expected to generate $224 million to cover several building projects.

Construction will unfold in phases, beginning with the courthouse.

Funds from the penny tax will be used to build a new courthouse and parking lot.

A new emergency operations center is also in the first phase of the project.

Those three projects are expected to carry a price tag of nearly $130 million.

“If it doesn’t look like the revenues are coming in to play, then we will definitely have to scale down,” says Spartanburg County Council Chairman Jeff Horton.

If revenue comes in as scheduled, those projects are expected to be completed by 2022.

“Again, the county does not intend to have any debt associated with this, it will be pay as you go,” Horton says.

State law mandates that the penny tax can only be collected for six years. County leaders hope the second phase is underway by then. That phase includes a new county-city government center and parking garage.

The current administrative building would eventually be sold.

The municipal court building and police building would be torn down and, in its place, a new one built by 2025.

The tax will begin in May 2018 and will come to an end in April 2024.

“I want to thank all those residents that researched this issue and, in my opinion, they made the right decision,” Horton says. “The most economical decision for the future of Spartanburg.”

Any additional money that is raised will go towards improving roads and bridges.