Woman turns to YouTube after she believes she was drugged at NC bar

Meagen Voss (Courtesy: WNCN)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Whether it’s through podcasts like ‘Up and Vanished’ or on shows like CBS’ Wisdom of the Crowd, more people are turning to unconventional methods to solve crimes.

For one Triangle woman, the case she is trying to crack is her own.

Meagen Voss believes she was drugged and assaulted at a Raleigh bar and hopes a blog can find the person who did it.

She remembers being at a technology convention in downtown Raleigh on Oct. 24 and going to the bar and that is when she said her memory goes black.

“Without going into too many details, I have reason to believe that I was taken advantage of during the roughly five hours that I was unaware of my actions,” Voss said in a video she posted to YouTube.

Voss told CBS North Carolina she remembers clearly up until 8:30 that night. She remembers being with people from the convention and believes someone may have drugged her.

“It made sense to me to open source my case and to put it out there and see if anybody else could help me piece things back together,” Voss told CBS North Carolina on Tuesday.

Voss went online, looking for answers, telling her story in a blog she called “Roofie Recap.”

She also was arrested that night for a DWI.

“It was assumed from the beginning that I was the one who did something wrong and that’s not the case,” said Voss.

The Raleigh police report indicated Voss was found in a car on Oak Park Road about nine miles from downtown Raleigh. The report indicated she had collided with another car and police said she had a moderate odor of alcohol.

Police said Voss blew a .10. The legal limit is .08.

But Voss said the first thing she remembers is being handcuffed in a police car. She is hoping someone will help her put some of the pieces of this puzzle together.

“If you saw me, I would very much like to hear from you,” she said.

Voss said there was a police report filed and said she did have a rape kit exam the next day.

Raleigh police said they do not have a record of her report but said she could have filed a sexual assault allegation and would instead be listed as a special victim.

Voss still faces the DWI charge.