California NAACP wants to replace ‘racist’ National Anthem

SACRAMENTO (KRON) — The California NCAAP is calling for the “Star Spangled Banner” to be replaced as the National Anthem because they believe it is racist.

The group’s president, Alice Huffman, says the NFL protests prompted her to analyze the lyrics of the song.

Typically we only sing the first verse of the song, but she says there is a line deep in a verse that we don’t normally sing that celebrates the deaths of slaves who fought for freedom.

The lyric goes: “no refuge could save the hireling and slave from the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave.”

Huffman says she supports replacing the National Anthem with a new one that supports the values of all Americans.

“It’s racist,” Huffman said. “It doesn’t represent our community. It’s anti-black people.”