Summer never has to end thanks to new flip-flop socks

Credit: Etsy/KnitKnotSpace

(WFLA) — Flip-flop socks are here for all the sunshine-loving folks who refuse to give up summer.

People online are going wild for these hand-knitted gems, which are available all over Etsy.

The crafty product is specifically designed so you are able to wear them with flip-flops, showing off an open heel and toe.

But why would anyone in Florida need these? Well, we are considering these practical possibilities.

If you’re getting a pedicure you can throw on these open-toed socks on after to make your way out to the car without putting your shoes back on. Also, if you’re into yoga, the open heel allows you to hit various poses without slipping or getting cold feet.

These bad boys are ideal for the holiday season if you’re searching for that personal but simple gift for mom or grandma.

We also bet you would love wearing them just to dance around singing holiday tunes.

Check out some of the fabulous flip-flop sock designs in the gallery below.