Families tired of violence after 3 killed since Aug. in Gaffney

Jasmin Mcgill, left, and Kamryn Bradley, right, were fatally shot within two weeks of each other. (Provided photos)
Jasmin Mcgill, left, and Kamryn Bradley, right, were fatally shot within two weeks of each other. (Provided photos)

GAFFNEY, SC (WSPA) – Gaffney Police are investigating the city’s fourth major shooting in as many months.

Thursday night a mother was gunned down and killed outside her home.

This is the third person shot and killed in Gaffney since August, all dead because of gun violence.

Police say the killings don’t seem to be related, but the growing number of victims families say enough is enough.

“I’m still feeling the shock of the situation, said Kelvin Hardy, a next door neighbor to the latest victim, 30-year-old Sametra Dawkins.

“I felt the shot so I just stayed low, I didn’t look or anything I just stayed hidden and kept protection just in case. I didn’t know if they were coming door to door or what,” he said.

Dawkins died outside her Overbrook Drive home after being shot in the face. Gaffney Police say they are looking for her ex-boyfriend Shecky Lamar Tate, as a person of interest.

“We are fed up with African American men shooting African Americans women. We’ve lost an 8-year-old child, we lost an 18-year-old teen and now we’ve lost this wonderful woman last night,” said Jack Logan, with Put Down the Guns Now Young People.

He along with the pastor of the latest victim’s church, are speaking out against the string of shootings in the city.


  • In July the Club Empire shooting injured 3.
  • In early August 18-year-old Jasmine MgGill was shot on Lincoln Street, where a cross now marks the site of her death.
  • In Late August 8-year-old Kamryn “Lamya” Bradley was shot and killed through a living room wall only blocks away from last night’s fatal shooting.

The unanswered questions for so many victim’s families, adds to the pain.

“She lost her life senslessly. I don’t have any answers and that’s where I hurt a lot,” said Lamya’s mother, Kara Wilson.

But even in her grief, Wilson is finding the voice to call for change.

“Domestic violence, gun violence, all of these types of violences, it just needs to end, and I am here to offer support,” she said.

“It is not common for this type of violence to go on,” said Gaffney Police Chief Richard Turner.

He told 7news, the department has solicited the help of other agencies from the Cherokee County Sheriff’s office to the FBI. But it needs more tips to help solve the murders. Only a few arrests have been made so far.

As for Hardy, he says, he’s now looking to move.

“I don’t feel safe, I don’t,” he said.

Crimestoppers is offering a $5000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the shootings of McGill and Bradley.