Sergeant makes bracelets to raise money for fallen trooper’s family

WILLIAMSTON, SC – He’s a sergeant by day and a laser worker by night.

For the past couple of weeks, Sergeant Dalen Creamer has been making bracelets to honor a fallen brother, State Trooper Daniel Rebman.

“You know you’ve got a family hurting somewhere…You’ve got a community hurting somewhere. It’s just a way that we can step up and do our small part to help out,” Sgt. Creamer said Friday night.

Sergeant Creamer, who works at the Anderson County Sheriff’s office, started crafting the aluminum bands a couple of years ago.

He runs a small business called Lazer Werk in Williamston, with the help of 4 other people.

The bracelets, he explained, are a way to raise money for grieving families.

“They’re simply amazed at how many bracelets they still see out in the community,” he told 7 News.

They’re also a way to keep the fallen officer’s memory alive.

“Those are keeping the officer’s service and sacrifice alive, because people know what those mean.”

Trooper Rebman was killed in October when a pickup truck swerved into the emergency lane and hit his parked vehicle.

Trooper Rebman bracelets, branded with his name, are selling for $6 each.

According to Sgt. Creamer, half of the profits go toward buying the materials and the other half go to Rebman’s wife and daughters.

Creamer told WSPA he actually loses money out of pocket by making the bracelets, but for him, it’s worth it.

So far, he has sold over a thousand to people all across the country.

He works into the night to make sure he can send them out as quickly as possible.

“We would have 1,100 that we’ve engraved, and I don’t think that’s going to be enough,” Sgt. Creamer said.