Laurens Co. phone audit complete, savings released

A controversial audit of phone lines in Laurens County has come to a close, saving the taxpayers thousands of dollars.

An independent audit by Spyglass started in May, after Laurens County Administrator Jon Caime entered into a contract with them. Caime stated the main point for the audit was to find areas that the county could cut costs to help the budget.

Preliminary findings from Spyglass were relayed at a July meeting, finding that a T1 data line at the Detention Center hadn’t been used for years and was costing $3,300 a month.

The way the audit would work is Spyglass would receive 100% of the funds from the unnecessary lines they find for one year, after that it would cease completely.

After council voted to halt the audit, it was once again continued. The findings from the audit will be presented to Laurens County Council Tuesday night.

According to documents as part of a packet included in the council agenda, a summary of the audit’s findings are included.

The Laurens County Purchasing Director and the 911 Director also reviewed every phone bill for every department, looking at ways to cut savings. The two men say the process took 8 weeks. As a result, they will be cutting 32 lines, 1 circuit, and adjusting 13 plans. That will save the county $62,423.16 a year.

The document also goes on to say that Laurens County’s telephone provider will now be performing yearly Telecommunication Traffic Studies on how the county can better utilize the equipment they have to see further cost savings.

Council meets tomorrow night at 5:30p.m.