New study puts SC as one of the most dangerous states; critics disappointed by list

sc ranks 10th for most dangerous states in new report

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WSPA)– A new report is out ranking the country’s most dangerous states and South Carolina comes in the 10th spot. Law enforcement and criminology experts are concerned about the conclusions made from the report’s data.

The report released by “24/7 Wall Street”, took a look at the numbers put together by the FBI, but critics say the problem with the data is that the numbers are voluntary. “In many cases a robbery or an assault or a rape the victim will decide for various reasons not to report the crime to the police. and if that’s the case the police won’t know about it,” said Dr. Robert Brame, a criminology professor at the University of South Carolina.

Law enforcement says another problem with a ranking like this, is that it only reflects the number of reports filed. Lt. Curtis Wilson with the Richland County Sheriff’s Office says violent crimes in the capital city have been on the decline. He’s worried the report doesn’t reflect all of the details.

“If there’s a crime we document it and goes through and that can bolster the numbers, they’re not looking at the report itself just that a certain crime assault, murder, armed robbery, motor vehicle theft,” said Lt. Wilson.

Even though the data shows a high crime rate for the state, the American Society of Criminology says don’t be fooled by the headlines. It can actually be pretty be tricky to compare cities, states, or even regions based on this type of data.

Dr. Brame added, “There could be economic factors, healthcare factors, education factors, employment factors, and there can be infrastructure factors, so there are a lot of different aspects of life that can contribute to criminal behavior.”

The report says there were 366 murders in the state last year, making it the 20th in the nation for murders.