Pendleton Police on the streets for one year

Pendleton Police Department has been one the streets patrolling for more than a year now.

PENDLETON, SC (WSPA) – It’s been just over a year since the Pendleton Police Department started back up after a decade without it.  Now a year after they started patrols, the police chief tells 7News that their presence and community policing has brought a lot of positive feedback from the community.

With a growing population of 3,000, the force grew to four officers and Chief Doyle Burdette hopes it will only continue to grow.

“Depending on how the town grows, the department will grow with it. Being able to offer those services to the citizens through the growth of the town and department and ultimately keep Pendleton like it is now, that wonderful place people like to go to,” Burdette said.

Community members and local business owners said they now have a peace of mind knowing there are officers nearby and will respond quickly for their emergencies.