Pendleton Elem. School not closing, says Anderson Dist. 4 superintendent

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Anderson Co. District 4 Superintendent Joanne Avery says the school board announced it would not be closing Pendleton Elementary School.

Avery says they would move forward with 6 schools, including Riverside Middle School.

Those schools will be properly maintained until the day the community is ready for a new school, according to Avery.

Information on the structural analysis conducted recently at Riverside Middle School played heavily in decision made by the board. Design documents for Riverside indicate that the school was constructed using pretension hollow core panels. With this type of panel, crumbling or deterioration anywhere on the panel impacts the structural integrity of the entire panel. For years the district has operated with this understanding, which was supported by consultants retained to address ongoing issues. Last week, structural engineers conducted tests and determined the panels were not pretension but instead precast with rebar. With these type of panels, the structural integrity is isolated to the areas of deterioration and therefore can be resolved.

Avery said.