Duck hunting season kicks off Saturday in S.C.

Duck hunting season kicks off Saturday in South Carolina.

ANDERSON, SC (WSPA) – Saturday is opening day for duck hunting in South Carolina.  While you can have a duck call or decoys to help attract the water fowl, it is illegal to put any bait in the water.

For the last month, game wardens across the state have gone to different areas sifting and searching for bait in the waters.  Now if caught, you can be charged at the state level for $465 per offense.

So game wardens will be out tomorrow in Anderson County and ask that you follow the law and be courteous to your fellow hunters.

“Don’t shoot at ducks out of range, don’t set up too close to where someone else has their decoys out.  Both those things will get you fused at back at the boat ramp and we don’t want to have any conflict among sportsmen,” said Lance Corporal Shawn Hanna, Anderson County game warden.

The hunters can be out on several Upstate lakes with some restrictions and many others will be on private land near swamps and creeks.  So for any homeowners that hear shots and are concerned tomorrow, you can call the Department of Natural Resources at 864-654-1671.

The official season starts 30 minutes before the legal sunrise Saturday and you can hunt until legal sunset.