Gvl Sheriff’s Office releases receipts from Charlotte budget trip


(WSPA) – Since allegations of sexual harassment and assault against the Greenville County Sheriff surfaced in late August, 7 News has been asking what a trip to Charlotte cost taxpayers.

While Greenville County released receipts immediately, the Sheriff’s Office stated the receipts were protected, due to the ongoing SLED investigation into Sheriff Lewis. 7 News pushed for the receipts and received them today.

According to Greenville County, Sheriff Will Lewis asked County Administrator Joe Kernell to travel to Charlotte March 7th through the 9th, to discuss the budget.

Kernell, the Assistant County Administrator, the Deputy County Administrator, Sheriff Lewis, Savanah Nabors, and Chief Deputy Marcus Davenport all traveled for the trip. They stayed at the Hyatt Place Hotel in Charlotte.

In a lawsuit filed by former assistant Savanah Nabors, she claims there was drinking on the trip. The lawsuit says that many of them drank at the hotel bar on the night of March 7th, and that during the trip many of those who attended also went to an Irish Pub. In a response filed on behalf of the Sheriff, he admits to drinking with county employees at the hotel bar and at the Irish Pub.

Since the County and Sheriff’s Office budget are separate, each agency provided their own receipts for this trip. The County’s total cost of their 2-night stay in 3 separate hotel rooms, cost $1439.60. Three receipts from the records request outline food costs for the trip at $242.67. The Sheriff’s Office spent $3,079.82 for their hotel rooms and $387.06 for food.

County Council Chair Butch Kirven tells 7 News that no county employees paid for alcohol with taxpayer dollars. Both the County and the Sheriff’s Office included released receipts for meals that are not itemized. The County does not require employees to turn in itemized receipts, only show the business, total amount, and the purchase of the trip. The policy for the Sheriff’s Office wasn’t immediately available.

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