Bear scare in Boiling Springs, neighbors say

Photo credit: Cindy Westall

BOILING SPRINGS, SC –  What’s usually a quiet part of Canyon Creek in Boiling Springs, is now seeing its fair share of commotion after a couple of unwelcome neighbors decided to move in.

Resident Jeannie Sanders received photos of the new guys on the block; two bears that appeared to help themselves to a free meal right in her backyard.

“We were pretty shocked,” said Sanders. “They had already knocked down the bird feeder and they were eating the bird seed out of the bird feeder.”

She told 7 News Monday night that a neighbor snapped the pictures over the weekend.

Several residents in the area explained they saw the photos posted to Facebook.

That prompted one man nearby to check out his backyard, only to find bear tracks.

Down the road, Sanders said there were rumblings of up to five hairy honey thieves.

“One of our neighbors in the neighborhood beside us had a bee hive and it had honey in it. So they did attack the bee hive – I mean, took it all the way down to the ground and had all of the honey.”

Sanders explained she believed the bears were making their way through the neighborhood because of heavy development going on nearby, ultimately pushing them out of their once wooded area.

Although residents said the bears hadn’t done them any harm, many were nervous for the safety of small children and pets.

“I did inform the elementary school because of the large trash cans that I know that they have,” Sanders said, later adding, “It is concerning when we’re walking out there in the dark with our pets.”

Several neighbors said they called the Department of Natural Resources to report the sighting, and were told to leave the bears alone as they moved through the area.