Highway Patrol cracking down on texting and driving

GREENVILLE CO, SC (WSPA) – Highway Patrol troopers say every day, they’re seeing more and more people with their eyes on their phones instead of on the road.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol is launching a new campaign to curb texting and driving with the hope of saving lives.

Troopers gave WSPA inside access to show us how they spot the drivers breaking the law.

“If you’re sitting in the line of traffic or you’re going down the highway, about any time you look over, you’ve got a good chance of seeing someone that’s texting and driving,” says Lance Cpl. Joe Hovis.

According to Highway Patrol officials, more than 3,400 deaths around the country last year were caused by someone texting and driving, and more than 390,000 crashes happened because people were on their phones.

“If you’re looking down at your phone, and you look up and all of the sudden it’s too late, and you’ve struck someone because you were texting and driving,” Hovis says.

Troopers are quick to pull over drivers because they don’t want any Upstate residents becoming a statistic because they couldn’t put down the phone.