Greenville among “top 10” most dangerous cities for Thanksgiving travel

A new study finds Greenville to be one of the most dangerous cities in America when it comes to Thanksgiving travel.

And the SC Highway Patrol warns, drunk driving tends to spike the night before thanksgiving.

The night of partying among college students coming home, is so prevalant, some call it “blackout wednesday.”

We talked with an Upstate mom who is sharing her loss, hoping her message will save you and your family from the pain that is now a constant in her life.

When you’ve lost a son like Laurie Lee, 2 years might as well be 2 days.

“Just because we buried our child doesn’t mean it’s over. It’s an every day, every minute anguish,” said Lee.

Josh Lee, along with three other USC Upstate students, died in a fiery crash in October of 2015. The driver who was intoxicated slammed into this tree near the campus.

“I don’t want another parent to feel the emptiness every day,” she said.

Lee is sharing her loss, even publishing the book “Just Finish The Race” through hoping to stop other families from having to go through that pain.

She’s one of more than 500 families a year who find out their loved one died because of a drunk driver on south carolina roads.”

Trooper Joe Hovis is fully aware of the drunk driving problem in the state. But even he didn’t expect Greenville to be among the top 10 most dangerous cities for Thanksgiving travel according to national fatal crash data analyzed by ASecureLife.

“When you look at those cities, you, know you’re talking about Atlanta and Houston, and Los Angeles. And when I saw it I was a little bit surprised about that, but what we see every day, you know the collisions that we have, it’s just something that happens in a city that’s growing as fast as Greenville is,” said Trooper Hovis.

During this holiday week, and any week, Lee can only hope you’ll not just hear her message, but share it.

“It’s OK to have a good time, but it’s not OK to get wasted and so drunk that you decide to get behind the wheel of a car and drive, cause it’s not OK.”

With so many other options nowadays from Uber to Lift to a regular taxi, she said there’s really no reason to get behind the wheel while under the influence.